Dr. Sarah Anderson Wylie

Sarah Anderson Wylie ND

Most modern women suffer from nervous system overload, inflammation in the gut, and blood stasis in the pelvis. Pain is the body’s way of communicating injury, whether it’s physical, metabolic, emotional or some combination of all three. I have been passionate about women’s health for over 20 years, and have had the great privilege of studying with amazing health care providers at naturopathic school to learn how to alleviate pain effectively for the female form. Using naturopathic manipulative therapy (NMT) which is similar to osteopathic techniques, I help people become comfortable in their bodies again. I listen carefully to determine what lifestyle changes are going to be the most effective and I try really hard not to overwhelm you with too much information, “homework” or supplements.  


  • Fertility Support
  • Naturopathic Physical Medicine (NMT)
  • Naturopathic Consultations
  • Care for the Childbearing Year

Insurances we Accept

  • Medicaid

If you do not see your Insurance listed you may opt to be seen as a Self Pay patient. Middlebury College employees with Cigna insurance are eligible for 80% remimbursement-for patients who submit their claims.