Frequently Asked Questions


What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Founded on Holistic Philosophy, naturopathic medicine integrates alternative, complementary and natural therapies with the most current advances in research and modern medicine. Naturopathic medicine utilizes both standard medical testing and holistic techniques for diagnosis. Naturopathic doctors are licensed to order diagnostic testing/labs, and to prescribe all sorts of natural therapies as well as use/prescribe pharmaceutical medications.  Some Naturopathic Physicians in Vermont practice as primary care providers, while others elect to practice as specialists.  Dr Cannon has shifted her practice from primary care originally, to offering specialist consults only at this time. You do not need a referral to schedule a visit with her.

What should I expect in a Chiropractic Appointment?

Our chiropractors take a comprehensive diagnostic approach. In the Initial Evaluation, they will do a thorough exam including neuromuscular assessments and orthopedic tests. Once the diagnosis has been made, a combination of chiropractic techniques including diversified manual adjusting, soft tissue therapy and muscle rehabilitation are utilized.

Am I required to get X-rays prior to my Initial Chiropractic Appointment?

No, you are not required to get X-rays. However, our chiropractors do order X-rays and MRI’s when medically necessary.

Do our chiropractors treat conditions other than low back and neck pain?

Yes, they are well versed in diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal conditions including most joint and muscle injuries and degenerative conditions. Patients may be seen for knees, hips, ankles, shoulders or pregnancy related low back/pelvic pain.

Will I get exercises in my chiropractic appointment to help treat my condition?

Patients get an exercise program as part of their treatment plan as our chiropractors believe that muscle rehabilitation is an integral part of the healing process. They work with patients closely to develop a customized exercise plan.


Do you accept my Insurance?

Check the Provider page to see if your provider submits to your Insurance. If your visit is covered through your insurance, your charges will depend upon your policy or plan. You may be charged for either a copay, a co-insurance or the full amount of the visit if paying towards a deductible.

How do I request my records or get my records sent to my Provider?

Anytime we request or send medical records, we need to have a release of authorization form on file signed by the patient. This can be done at the time of your visit, or we can send you an online form through our secure portal. If you are sending records to your Provider at Integrated Medicine, you can also request to have them sent directly from your other provider.